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Amazing Beauty Pageants That Will Blow You Away.

Amazing Beauty Pageants That Will Blow You Away.
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How often do you get excited about beauty pageants? Maybe you’ve always wanted to enter them, or maybe you love watching them on TV. Whatever the case may be, they are certainly fascinating. They are also extremely fun and entertaining, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy these amazing beauties!Beauty pageants are competitions where women compete against each other for prizes. The winners usually get cash awards as well as titles such as Miss Universe. Here are 9 beauty pageants that will blow you away. Some of them are famous around the world, while others might be new to you. Either way, check out their websites and see who wins!

Miss World Australia

Miss World is one of the most popular beauty pageant contests in the entire world. Every year it draws a huge audience from all over the world, and this year it was held in Auckland New Zealand at the end of March 2014.

Miss Earth United States

This beauty competition takes place every year in California. All contestants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5. This means they need to score at least a 36 on an average of four subjects. It’s similar to the college entrance exam used by most schools in the US.Amazing Beauty Pageants That Will Blow You Away.

Miss India USA

The winner of the title gets to represent her country in the Miss India worldwide contest. She can choose to either become Miss Universe or Miss World. There were 17 finalists representing different states in America, but just two were named overall winners.

Miss South Africa International 2013

This beauty pageant took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Out of 14 contestants, only five were selected to continue into the next round. These included the top three runners-up.

Miss Philippines

This annual event happens every May in Binondo, Manila. They use a system called “Luzon Style” which favours candidates who are attractive and kind-hearted.

Miss China UK

For people living outside of China, this pageant is probably not familiar because it has never been broadcast there. But here in Britain, it is a very big thing. The pageant uses its unique scoring system based on interviews instead of swimsuits and talent contests like many other pageants.

Miss France

This beauty pageant took place in Paris, France. More than 1,200 girls aged between 18 and 24 apply to take part in the contest, and only 20 make it through to the finals.

Miss Grand International

This pageant has taken place in Seoul, Korea annually since 1996. Over 2,500 young ladies apply, but only 50 are chosen to move on to the next phase.

Miss Vietnam

This beauty pageant takes place yearly in Ho Chi Minh City. Each city around the country competes with their local dress, music, and cultural performances. Last year the winner went on to win the Miss Asia Pacific International title.

Top Skills Every Model Must Have.

  • Be comfortable in front of the camera.

Models should be able to smile naturally without looking too forced. It’s also best if you aren’t afraid to laugh a little.

  • Have strong foundation skills.

If your clothes don’t fit right or if your makeup doesn’t look good, it will show. If you’re having trouble with any of these things, then practice and work on them until you feel confident.

  • Do your research!

Know what brands sell well so that when you book modelling jobs, they want to hire you. Even though models usually get paid anything from $250 to thousands of dollars per job, the more experience you’ve got, the better.

  • Learn how to speak English.

While you may know some words, chances are good that you won’t be speaking English fluently. And even if you are, you might not sound natural in a video interview. Practice by watching YouTube videos featuring American and British celebrities.You should also have public speaking skills if you want to be a successful model .

  • Practice your facial expressions.

This is an extremely important skill to develop. Think about how you would feel if you had trouble smiling during your photo shoot. That feeling won’t help anyone. So, do everything you can to improve upon those facial expressions.

The Bottom Line.

There is no one perfect way to become a supermodel. However, by practicing the above tips, you’ll start on the right foot.